Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Pew Internet Report may be useful if you are still trying to talk administration into creating mobile resources for your audience:

Mobile Access 2010

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Librarians could learn some tips on responding to negative press from another group that is often maligned - the American farmer. I saw this article in the Omaha World Herald:

Farmers defend way of life with Facebook, Twitter

This quote from the story is what connected their situation to ours in my head:
"We weren't part of the conversation," Prock said. "And if we aren't telling our story, other people will, and they'll tell it the way they want to."

Who is telling librarians' stories? Is anyone highlighting on Facebook or YouTube our successes, our frustrations?
I just received the greatest opinion/comment about two new Jing videos that I created for a third year med student class that I support. (you will know who wrote it when you read the comment):
"You sounded casual, friendly, and informative. Not at all stuffy or "Librarianistic". Anyone should want to use your services. Love, Mom"

Ok, so she isn't the most unbiased source I could find to rate said videos, but she is and continues to be a discerning library-user, so I will take the positive vibes. I will find out tomorrow if there were any comments from the med students or my fellow faculty members.

Here are the videos, if you wish to make your own comments - all are welcome:

a short video about our library's home page

a short video about the class Blackboard page