Thursday, July 29, 2004

Here is a metasearch medical search engine you may wish to try out. I received a direct mail on it today, and saw it discussed recently on [note on 30 July 04-I don't remember where I saw this discussed! Please let me know if you have seen any comments on it, as we are currently evaluating this new resource!]:
Omnimedicalsearch. com . The company states that it has the following functions/options:
* 12 Medical Search Engines (Default Search)
* 8 Health and Medical News Sources
* 5 Medical Image Libraries
* MedPro Search for medical professionals.
* Basic Search for the general public.
* Related Search Options.
* Single Site Search Focus.
* One-Click Dictionary look up.
I am looking forward to what other librarians think of this resource, [as well as finding out who is behind it]. [note on 30 July 04 - I have heard from the developer of OmniMedicalSearch, Jason Morrow. Here is the link to an article offering background on the resource:]

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