Monday, August 23, 2004

This message on public workstation software comes from a MEDLIB message sent by Stephanie John, M. Ln., Director, Information Resources at Synergy Medical Education Alliance. Added to this blog with author's permission (and with thanks from the blog owner!).
Have a look at WinSelect. It will also lock users out of everything BUT
the browser.
Blocks Access to Specific Web Browser and Application Features
Specify web browser and application features to be blocked, including:
* Control text that will be processed in a message box (such as
Internet Explorer's address bar). Specify that text must begin with,
must not begin with, must match exactly, or must not contain your
specified string(s) of text. For example, add a filter specifying that
text in the address bar must begin with
to ensure that your users don't browse outside your intranet. The
possibilities are endless.
* Specify that only the floppy drive can be used to open or save
* Selectively block access to specific commands such as maximize,
minimize, resize, close, move, right mouse button, or restore
* Selectively block access to specific menu items.
* Selectively block access to individual buttons, checkboxes, and
edit boxes on dialogs
* Selectively block access to specific hot key combinations.
Nonprofit pricing is $50 per workstation.We've had the same version of
WinSelect for years and it just quietly does its job!
On the few occasions we've needed technical support, they've provided it
in depth, accurately [snipped for message length by TH]

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