Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Freirean Approach to Adult Literacy Education:
I saw this link in Keith Cogdill's message on the HealthGaps discussion list, posted there because of its potential use in health literacy education. I like the following passage: "
Freire's approach has been called "deeply contextual" (Chacoff, 1989, p. 49) because in it learning to read and write flows from the discussion of themes of importance to adult learners, drawn from their real-life experiences. " This is how I have always worked when encouraging anyone to learn how to locate the information they need. I just didn't know it was Freire's approach first! Locating that 'theme of importance' to me is the most important thing I can do to get ready for a class or presentation. I have always needed to know, pardon the slang, "where they are coming from" in order to determine what path I need to construct to show them the way to the information they need.

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