Tuesday, October 18, 2005

ACRL has a new blog for academic librarians. I took a look at it, and it is definitely one that will be added to my Waggr (http://www.waggr.com/). From the press release:
"The new blog can be found at http://www.acrlblog.org . Unlike many
blogs, ACRLog invites contributions from those interested in academic
and research librarianship. Guest commentaries, contributed conference
reports, perspectives from ACRL chapters, and opinions about the latest
trends and issues can all be shared within this blogspace.
ACRLog was created as a response to an article by Scott McLemee,
"Silence in the Stacks," published last June in Inside HigherEd. McLemee
wondered why there was no single blog geared to the interests of
academic librarians that explored what he called "the issues of the
day." The ACRL Board decided to fill the void, and ACRLog was born."

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