Thursday, April 12, 2007

The National Agriculture Library is adding federating searching, and creating a National Digital Library for Agriculture: The mock-up of their new page: And the sources that will be searchable through the new gateway:
Reading the comments in the press release, such as "DWT provides powerful federated search solutions that help users save time and improve results by intelligently
and securely accessing internal, subscription and web databases and sources
through one search page.", makes one wonder - in the future, will our users only have a gateway and digital access with no librarians? What are the long-term prospects of digital libraries as well as those with human searchers/aggregators?
If there are any library/information science students writing about the future of libraries, please get in touch with me and I will share your thoughts on this blog!

Other examples of digital gateways:
Iraqi Virtual Science Library
National Science Digital Library
Some that didn't make it:
Virtual Naval Hospital
Virtual Hospital/Virtual Children's Hospital (but may be mirrored here?
EPA Digital Library of Environmental Quality

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