Thursday, March 06, 2008

A useful screenshot tool in FireFox (this is a guest post from a colleague at my library):

This might be useful for some of you. If you use Firefox as your browser,
you can quickly download a plugin called FireShot that takes much better
screen captures than using CTRL/PRINT SCREEN. Open Firefox and go to: Click to download
the Fireshot extension. It will put [a red square with a white 'S'] logo in the top right hand
corner of your toolbar.

Clicking it will take a snapshot of whatver screen you are on and OPEN IT
IN AN EDITOR!!! You don't have to move it to photoshop or anything else
to crop it or change it around. And then you can save it from there. It
takes much, much clearer screenshots, especially when you are using
something where you have typed into a form.

Brian Erb., M.L.S.
Reference and Education Librarian
McGoogan Library of Medicine

Thanks for sharing, Brian. I have already used this add-on when creating worksheets and publicity, and it is slick. -th

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