Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saying Yes to No - Greg Cootsona, author of the book "Saying Yes to No", posted a guest blog at CNBC that I thought would be of interest to my fellow stressed out librarians:

The Urgency of Strategic Breaks

from the post: "The match in front of us is urgent, but there is nothing more urgent than strategic breaks. Because when we rest, we can go deep. And we need to dig down when the match gets tough. It’s at the depths that we find creativity and innovation. When we want a new insight on the pitch we’re about to make, the speech we want to write, or managing that challenging employee, we need to move into the deeper functions of our brain. When we are constantly pushing ourselves, it’s simply impossible to do our best work."

I wish you the best strategic break ever - boy, do we all need one!

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