Saturday, September 07, 2013

Also tweeted this @thartman2u - with a hat-tip to Barbara Jones, NNLM in Missouri:

In his editorial in JAMA Internal Medicine, Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD stated his support for health sciences librarians in the following quote.

""Medical librarians are far more adept at navigating the entire canon of medical knowledge than are physicians, but their skills have not been leveraged for POCL. While a librarian on staff in every office or on every medical team may be fanciful, a remote librarian service is not. In one study, a just-in-time information consultation service was shown to deliver useful answers in less than 15 minutes to clinicians’ real-world questions submitted via smartphone.8 Health care systems should consider investing in informaticians who search the medical literature, patient records, and the system’s own “big data” to provide answers to clinicians’ real-time inquiries."

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