Wednesday, June 16, 2004

[listed on EQUIDAD email list (Pan American Health Organization)]

A glossary for evidence based public health

Lucie Rychetnik, Michael Frommer, Sydney Health Projects Group, School of
Public Health, University of Sydney, Australia

Penelope Hawe, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, Department
of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary, Canada and School of
Public Health, LaTrobe University, Victoria, Australia

Elizabeth Waters, Centre for Community Child Health, University of
Melbourne, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Victoria, Australia, and
Cochrane Health Promotion and Public Health Field

Alexandra Barratt, Screening and Test Evaluation Program, School of Public
Health, University of Sydney, Australia

J Epidemiol Community Health 2004;58:538-545

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This glossary seeks to define and explain some of the main concepts
underpinning evidence based public health. It draws on the published
literature, experience gained over several years analysis of the topic, and
discussions with public health colleagues, including researchers,
practitioners, policy makers, and students

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