Thursday, December 16, 2004

Free cross-cultural communication web course:

UMDNJ - School of Public Health-Office of Public Health Practice, in
collaboration with the New York New Jersey-Public Health Training
Center, invites you to participate in a, free, Web-based interactive
learning experience: Communicate to Make a Difference: Exploring
Cross-Cultural Communication. This course, in three modules, introduces
many facets of culture and communication in a real-world public health
scenario. Learners must make decisions while discovering communication
strategies they can employ in their daily work.
The course is designed for public health professionals and may be
completed at one's own pace within a 30-day period. Completion requires
approximately six hours.
For more information go to the Web site: or call
Robyn Shumer at the School of Public Health-Office of Public Health
Practice at 732-235-9451
Learning Objectives:
* Increase the participant's awareness of his/her own cultural
framework, including core assumptions in public health.
* Give examples of discriminating and non-discriminating practices in
providing public health services.
* Recognize and choose effective methods/strategies/techniques for
unbiased communication.
* Identify specific factors that influence an individual's or group's
acceptance of public health information and services.
* Develop increased awareness of diversity.
* Understand how and why stereotypes/generalizations are created.

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