Monday, February 04, 2008

Tackling Information Overload With Knowledge Navigators

This is a great Computerworld opinion piece that advocates the use of librarians to improve institutional data flows.

Information about the author, John D. Halamka:
"John D. Halamka is CIO at CareGroup Healthcare System, CIO and associate dean for educational technology at Harvard Medical School, chairman of the New England Health Electronic Data Interchange Network, CIO of the Harvard Clinical Research Institute and a practicing emergency physician."

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Henry said...

Hello Teresa,
To follow up on the excellent points made by John Halamka in his article “Tackling Information Overload With Knowledge Navigators” I would like to add that migrating traditional libraries to digital format offers the opportunity to automatically summarize the content.

Summarization helps with absorbing large amount of information quickly and without being lost in unnecessary details.

An example of a powerful summarization tools is Context Organizer from Context Discovery Inc. At a click of the button it instantly finds the most significant content on web pages, in Google search results and in office documents.

It is a simple add-in to web browsers and Microsoft Office. If you had a moment to try it out and give me your feedback that would be greatly appreciated.
Warm regards from Ottawa,
Context Discovery Inc