Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flickr is a great resource for your library, offering a great place to post photos from your collection, as well as photos of activities your library hosts. One library has even posted their library signage on Flickr -

Jessica Merritt has written a post on the CollegeDegrees blog about why libraries should consider using Flickr and other social networking sites:

How to: Make Flickr Work for Your Library - 50+ Resources


Anonymous said...

Flickr is indeed a great resource for the library. The utility provides a valuable resource online that maintains flexibility in posting/viewing photographs.

Alvira Khan
Florida Atlantic University
Former Student Body President
FAU Alumna

Teresa Hartman said...

I am honored to have such illustrious readership to this humble blog. I am betting, though, that a person of Alvira Khan's stature probably has their own Gmail account, so they shouldn't have to post anonymously. But maybe I am figuring incorrectly. Thanks either way for reading, and I sure hope this blog offers you useful information.

Alvira Khan said...

Thanks for your comment Ms. Hartman. I am hardly a person of any significant stature; however, I really did enjoy your article and the sources you provided. I hadn't seen the 'Choose an identify' function before and was unsure what option to click. As I referenced my name in the original post, I felt that would clear up any anonymity. My e-mail address is: I look forward to reading more of your comments. Take good care.