Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just learned about this post on the Teaching Tips.Com blog - 100 Unbelievably Useful Reference Sites You've Never Heard Of , by Laura Milligan. I don't want to challenge the great librarian readers to my blog with that title - but a few of the 100 sites they list might be unfamiliar to you, or simply remind you that you might want to add them to your library's web pages for your staff and customers to find and use. I didn't link directly to the blog - knew you know how to locate it, if you are interested, and the reason is listed below.
Now, about that blog - I am running into more like it, and not sure who or what is behind it. It has only been in existence since last month, yet calls itself a 'leading resource'. No contact information, other than a fill-in form for you to give up YOUR information. I tried to locate information on who the author of the post is - but Laura Milligan, if that is truly their name, doesn't hang her shingle out well. I located other posts that were attributed to her - but nothing on the author herself. Feel free to write to me, Laura - your readers want to know more. Same for the other authors listed. This blog could be the equivalent of the hotel 'fine art' industry - there is a warehouse somewhere in a remote village, with desks staffed by huddled writers, cranking out blog posts to be spread over the 'net. The information on the blog seems correct - someone in the teaching field would have to vet it for me - but not knowing who is behind the service leaves a big hole in any evaluation of the site.

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