Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Britain proposes universal broadband - story from Reuters:

After my tour of the great state of Nebraska a couple of years ago to visit public libraries across the state,
I came back impressed by the towns we visited, and saying that broadband should be deployed to rural areas just like they did the Rural Electrification Administration. People would still be hand-milking cows by lantern-light and using foot-pedaled sewing machines if that system hadn't come into being - no corporation was willing to pay for the extra costs to get electricity to rural areas. Currently, we have 60 million Americans living rural - they should have broadband to quickly access information and possibly to use to make a living right where they reside. There is good living to be done in rural areas - you shouldn't have to move to an urban area just to ditch the modem (or possibly to get Internet access at all).

C'mon, President Obama, sir - would you suggest that the United States also go for universal broadband? Think of the jobs that would be created, and the millions of citizens that would benefit from such a project! I know that the stimulus plan includes improving roads and bridges - this is also a road/bridge that needs improving. I would hope that somewhere in the hundreds of billions, there is room to include this project.

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