Friday, February 13, 2009

Join me during the next 10 weeks as I work through this online class with fellow life-long learners across the United States (and other nations?): "Learning 2.0, or 13 Things to explore and learn about Web 2.0 tools"

I will be posting my homework comments to this blog, and linking to my classmates' blogs to showcase their comments, in addition to my usual postings about the library world in general. I hope you gain new insight on how you can use technology to aid your own lifelong learning. and maybe some tips that you can use in your library.

I welcome my classmates who may be new readers to this blog, and remind all readers that I enjoy receiving comments. (Of course, all comments to this blog are moderated, meaning they are read first before posting to the blog.) I look forward to much sharing of opinions and facts in future postings.

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Rachelle said...

I got side tracked (again) having to take care of a friend who's had quintuple bypass surgery. I have so much to catch up on for this class. It did take me a couple of false starts before finally deciding to continue MLIS... and I tell you, it will never be too late. We just have to sit down and do it! Cheers!