Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My mom in Missouri called me and said she had just read a great set of
essays in the March Woman's Day magazine on how libraries helped people with health issues, and that one of the essays mentioned an National Library of Medicine librarian in Colorado
(but not by name). I checked, and verified that the author of the essay
had been taught by Dana Abbey, the NNLM-MCR Consumer Health Liaison for
our region. Congratulations Dana on the international coverage for your
work! As a fellow educator, I always hope that what I teach sticks - you
now know for certain that you made a difference in another individual's
life. Well done.

I also learned that this story is part of an eight-year partnership with
ALA's "Campaign for America's Libraries". I congratulate all of our public
libraries on their work with their communities - you make a huge
difference, and it is wonderful that a professional organization like ALA
helps spread that message. Your very important work with your community
members impacts my academic and medical center audience as well. Thank you
for a job well done. I look forward to the next installment - how
libraries have helped individuals with finance issues.

Here is a link to the ALA press release:

and a link to the original Woman's Day article:

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